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New Sweet Romance Series: Farmers’ Market Sisters

This is a new series for 2022 featuring seven sisters of Sweet Springs Family Farm set in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. These sweet and clean romance books progress through a year of holidays from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve. At long novella lengths, they’re quick weekend reads you can easily set aside and return to. They don’t have to be read in order, but are best served if they are.

Each sister has her own responsibility on the farm and their own stand at the local farmers’ market. They loves they find are perfectly matched, they just don’t know it yet. With every book ending with a happily ever after, you know this series is sure to delight and leave you with a smile.

Love in Bloom
Amber & Fynn

Amber doesn’t normally expect such a large bouquet request unless someone has been very bad.
Fynn isn’t her typical customer. When he returns to her farmers’ market stand, it isn’t for more flowers; it’s for a date with her.

Kiss Me for Luck
Rosemary & Kieran

Rosemary has always been the responsible older sister, looking after others and their family farm. Rosemary knows the chances she will meet another man are slim. Then one cold winter night, her family carried in a handsome, soaked stranger.

Sweet as Honey
Willow & Luca

Willow never expected to find love on the side of the road. But there was Luca Jacoby, hood up, steam billowing out of his truck. It was quite the Saint Patrick’s Day luck. A journalist for an agricultural magazine, Luca is visiting her family’s farm to write an article on sustainable farming. His surprise appearance has Willow clinging to his stories of other farms and the beautiful countryside across the states. She’s always wanted to travel. 

Cherries & Sparks
Sky & Camden

Sky has been waiting for Cam to come home from war. When he arrives but doesn’t call, she wants to know why.
Sky has always been faithful to her high school sweetheart. They’ve been together for years, since long before Cam decided to join the military. 

Be My Pumpkin
Sienna & Joel

Sienna has always been the farm’s marketing specialist. But when the pumpkin patch opens for the season, attendance is unexpectedly low. Joel Kirsch is only supposed to be there installing a security system, but he wants to help. Together, they plan a last-minute fall festival to bring in extra customers.

Decked with Love
Melody & Tucker

Every year, Melody donates Christmas trees from her farm to local families in need. Someone calls in a special, anonymous request, sending Melody on a new charity mission.

Tucker, the new school teacher in town, has discovered a family in need of a lot more than a tree.

Midnight Snow Ball
Azalea & Elias

Azalea’s baked goods have earned her a reputation among the locals, but so has her rough and wild attitude. A new Farrier arrives at the farm to care for the horses. He’s a hard, lonely man in need of some quality cooking. Azalea needs a date for the New Year’s party.

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Launch Day #2! Christmas at the Peppermint Inn

A short, holiday novella, this sweet little story was inspired by a recent trip to the mountains of Idaho. We stayed in a cabin at a motel in a small town, perfect for us and the dog. It reminded us of home, of fun holiday traditions, and good times we had as children. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

If you’ve read this book as an ARC, THANK YOU, and please share your honest thoughts with others on your favorite site.

If you haven’t, here’s the synopsis:

Divinity wants out of her suffocating relationship. When a new man appears in her small, Idaho town, to stay at the bed and breakfast she works at, a surge of hope gives her the courage to move on. But his trip is for business, and Collin can’t stay.

With Christmas quickly approaching, Divinity takes a chance that the magic of the season will show him all of the reasons he belongs with them—with her. Except Collin has a few surprises of his own.

A short and sweet story with a few curses.

Last day to get this book for $0.99! As it is a novella, I will be removing the pre-order discount and bumping it up to my normal novella price of $1.99 tomorrow, November 3rd.


Launch Day! The Kiss that Saved Christmas is live on Amazon

I feel like I’ve been sitting on this forever, even though it’s only been since July. I love Christmas year-round and am always writing holiday romances.

My book tour with The Kiss that Saved Christmas was originally scheduled for November. Something disastrous happened at the agency, and I was pushed back to December. But you know what? I think I like it better this way. Looking forward to celebrating a lot more Christmas this holiday season, and I hope you’ll join me! I’ll post the tour schedule and stops as soon as I’ve got the solid details.

If you’ve read an ARC of this book, THANK YOU!! And please please please leave an honest review on your favorite site. Reviews are your superpower!

If you haven’t read it, here’s the synopsis:

Claire’s husband passed away two years ago this Christmas, leaving her alone and in charge of a beautiful and overwhelming cabin venue in the Montana mountains. She’s low on cash, the truck won’t start, and fewer people are calling in event requests.

Every past assistant has been problematic and disappointing. With one final wedding scheduled for the year, Claire is desperate to make a good impression and needs the property in top shape. Only one candidate remains: Zach.
Zach is prior service, down on his luck, and shamed by the town for the actions of his youth. Even after a decade of service, he can’t escape the gossip.
Claire has no option but to entrust him with the future of Briar Ridge—her future. She just wished he didn’t have to remind her so much of her late husband. Yet Zach is different, bringing with his burdens an unexpectedly sweet side.
Zach is full of surprises.

She doesn’t want to fall for him.
He can’t help but fall for her.

A sweet holiday romance with a few curses and some violence. Get it here:

This is your last chance to get it for $0.99. Tomorrow, November 2nd, I’m removing the pre-order discount and bringing her back up to my standard novel price: $2.99.


Wildfire Gets 5-Star Review – Readers’ Favorite

“THE suspense romance to read if you’re looking for something fresh and exciting.” – Tammy Ruggles, Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, and it brings me great pleasure to know others enjoy reading it. I hope if you take a chance on this, you’ll let me know what you think!

Tammy’s review continued:

“…Orion and Matt are characters you can fall in love with–rich, full human beings with pasts, secrets, flaws, and issues. And these characters are perfect for the plot lines that Strife has dropped them into. Just when Orion is getting back on her feet from a past she’d rather put behind her, and with the help of new romantic interest Matt, a small but deadly piece of metal shows up in her pocket, and this sets the stage for her nightmare to start all over again. Throw this scenario in with the mix of Montana mystery, and you have the makings of a Lifetime movie or Hallmark, as it’s a bit of a holiday story as well. It isn’t a book that gives the story away all at once. You have to keep reading. And it is lightly faith-based, which works well with the holiday theme. Bonus material appears at the end, so that’s a real treat for fans of this author.

The plot alone is enough to keep you invested in the story but the characters are what stand out even more. They are realistic, they bounce well off one another, and when Strife uses them to tell her heart-pounding story, things heat up quickly in all areas. This could be just any other romance thriller, but it isn’t. It’s one of the best ones, thanks to the author’s great laser-point attention to detail, visceral descriptions, and punchy dialogue. It all works together perfectly, and this is just what you want in a story that draws you in and keeps you there–and then has you wanting more. Romantic suspense is an often underappreciated genre, but Wildfire (Embers on Ice Book 2) by Elysia Lumen Strife elevates it to the next level of entertainment.”

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