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Book Review: Deep Cosmos

Book Review: Deep Cosmos by Project Kyle
Available on Amazon November 10, 2018

Deep Cosmos follows two main characters, Sophia and Nerd, as they struggle to escape the grasp of Dr. Crimson, Experiment 1, and the lasting effects of the inhumane experiments conducted at Cosmic 5. Nerd has a secret past, buried in betrayal, something Sophia has in common with him. Nerd isn’t who he says he is, nor is his character. Sophia battles with her trust of him after he rescues her from the potential bloody fate Dr. Crimson has in mind for her. And this event breaks the rules of Deep Cosmos, the organization fighting for good, the organization Nerd is a part of.

Kyle does a fantastic job of weaving in almost unnoticeable details that, as the story unfolds, start popping back into mind. There is twist after twist and lots of action. It starts off “in media res” style then carrying you through the backstory. About a third of the way through, you will find the tension picks up with the addition of new characters and stakes, and it doesn’t let up until the very end! Deception is a key part of the villains strengths, making the story unpredictable.

Nerd’s “odd” behavior in relation to other characters is explained further into story. There is a moment where we are given the truth about his unique abilities that makes his character that much more endearing. He has always set himself apart from others, self-isolating in his behavior, until Sophia. But, in true “do no harm” fashion, Nerd is the ultimate doctor, and the hero, in more ways than just this story. His character sets an example as an individual with Asperger’s, who is a kick-butt intellectual, hilarious, caring, and proves he is worth more than what others judge him capable of.

I absolutely love the little details like the Owl Eyes going off randomly, which makes for a brief and comedic ‘oops’ moment. The hallucinations make everyone seem crazy at first, but they tie everything together further in. I really liked this lead-in because of the subtlety.

There were only a few things that left me a tad disconnected from the overall wonderful book. The beginning, while starting with action, fell into a bit of a slump with the “dead space” between major scenes. Sophia is a V. T. C. warrior but came across rather weak until later in the book. And the literary components were sometimes more of a “tell” than a “show.” I didn’t always feel the connection or get inside Nerd or Sophia’s heads to truly feel the rawness of their emotion. But, I must say, there are still several fantastic moments where we really connect emotionally (especially during character secret reveals).

It is a great, clean story. No cursing or gore. It is acceptable for teens and up. It does have a lot of suspense and will make you wonder who’s associated with who and especially who Experiment 1 really is beneath the mask. Nerd’s character changes the most, and rightly so. It was great to see him come out of his shell and learn how to connect with others, even if it was at such a great cost. He shows us how to resist urges, control ourselves, and make better choices.

**** 4 Stars

You can find author Project Kyle here:

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Twitter: DeepCosmosbook


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Thanks and Merry Christmas!

♥ Elysia