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I’m an indie author. I do everything: writing, editing, formatting, proofing, cover design, marketing, scheduling the next books… crying… wondering what in the heck I’m doing… eating all the ice cream… and then playing with this little guy. It’s funny how the things that stress us out and wake us up in the middle of the night are the ones we love most. Puppies and books in my case. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I always reward my faithful friends and family.

* My Advanced Review Copies are always free to subscribers a month before publication.
* I always do a signed paperback raffle on pub day.
* My pre-orders are always discounted on novels and novellas.
* I’m enrolled in Kindle Unlimited on individual books and periodically run freebie specials on every book.
And… I have way more stories than I’ll be able to finish and publish in my lifetime, so you know there’s plenty to come. My process is speeding up as I get the hang of this self-pub thing.

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