Four of my books are now available on Amazon!
A Wet Nose Christmas, A Christmas in Montana, Stellar Fusion, and Requiem



Please note: names are presented differently for a reason.

ELYSIA STRIFE = Romance, Women’s Fiction
E. L. Strife = Science Fiction, Fantasy
A. R. Harwell = Children’s

Below are the series I’m currently working through, as well as a list of upcoming 2019 books:

Infinite Spark:

Book 1 – Stellar Fusion

Book 2 – Requiem

Book 3 – Shadows of the Son

Book 4 – Redshift (2020)

Book 5 – Axis Zephyr (2020)

Find more on the Universal War Novels here.

Embers on Ice 

Book 1 – A Christmas in Montana

Book 2 – Wildfire

Book 3 – Hibiscus Christmas  (Depends on interest)

For more on the Embers on Ice Series click here.

Yes, I’m an indie author, a self-publisher. I do everything from writing to editing, cover design, marketing, formatting, and publishing.

I also do book reviews. You can find the page in the main menu.
I love swapping work with other authors for critiques. You can find us on #CPMatch on Twitter.

I’m like a dubstep song in a rave… not satisfied with one melody. I need chaos to feel the rhythm, pitch range to hear a single thought, and strobes to keep a steady pace within myself. Caffeine calms me. Guess I better grab some. Back to business…

2019 is looking to be a busy year with six books on the table, possibly seven if Redshift demands attention.

Below is a visual quick-list. You can find more here.



Thanks for checking them all out. I’m sure they’re blushing.
(Kidding. I’m not that conceited.)
I truly value your interest and support. Being a writer doesn’t make us much these days.

We do it because we love sharing our fantastical worlds with you.

If you have read any books, those authors need your reviews and feedback.
Just a few seconds of your time can change our lives.

Thank you. Best wishes.