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Copyediting Certification

As a self-publisher, I’ve had to wear a lot of hats… Knowing how to edit helps me write more effectively. Writing helps me understand the struggles of working with authors from an editor’s perspective.
I’m only beginning my journey as a freelance editor, but I hope to help other indie authors polish and prepare their stories for publication. I know how hard it is to receive feedback as a first-time author. It’s an intimidating process. Spending the money to have someone fix all of your developmental problems, walk you through line and copy edits, and coach you through the whole journey can be extremely difficult when you have little income or none at all. I don’t want anyone to give up on their dream of being an author because of the struggle. I believe just about any book can become publishable material with appropriate editing. My goal is to help frustrated indie authors to achieve their dream. This summer, I completed my first official course (From Writer’s Digest University) in my journey to acquire the professional know-how with editing. I’ve been swapping critiques with other authors for several years, and have begun to offer them for free to authors (as time permits). I took creative writing in college and a few other miscellaneous marketing and writing courses, but my Bachelor’s Degrees are in unrelated fields. So I’m aiming to step up my game. This fall I am studying developmental editing, line editing, and book mapping through the Editorial Freelancers Association. I plan to have completed their courses of study by spring 2020.
And for those that are confused by the name on the certificate, Elysia Strife is a pseudonym. Like many authors of different genres, I go by multiple names. If you’re an author interested in having someone look at your work but aren’t sure if you have the money for edits, stay in touch. I’ll be offering free novice feedback soon! Hope you stick around! Best wishes! -A/E

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    1. I do. It was a decent cost, but I learned so much. I know my writing is better. I was able to ask a lot of questions when I got confused. There is homework, and you do have to pass a test at the end. I have tons of notes I can refer back to. So either way, worth it. I wanted to start an editing business. I’ve taken a lot of Editorial Freelancers’ Association classes too. Theirs are also awesome. Good luck! I hope that helps!

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