Author Interviews

Upcoming Author Interviews

I’m starting a new blog that’s will be filled with interviews from wonderful people who are at different stages in the process of writing and publishing. I want to help the world find out about them and their amazing content. I also hope we can learn from each other. Reading the stories of what others have gone through may be anecdotal, but it’s still helpful in rounding out our concepts of how things work, finding new ideas, and avoiding common pitfalls.

I’ve found the same questions circulating from a lot of brand new writers and authors about the writing and publishing process. I hope you’ll take a look at the upcoming interview posts to learn more about the writing journey. Maybe you’ll even find a new author to follow and books to read!

Until then, stay safe!

<3 Elysia

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  1. Looking forward to your blog interviews to gain insight and perspective about the writing journeys for different authors.

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