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Book Review: Falling Through the Weaving by Leia Talon

A fantastical romance where music is magic and the future can go any one of a million directions…

This book is sweet and steamy with a dreamy vibe that will suck you in. Talon is a master of eloquent narration and has tied together a blend of subgenres in a way that makes them feel like they belong together.

Like cowboys? How about Scottish Lords? Maybe you prefer Norsemen. Dragons? How about mages? Blend Outlander and Game of Thrones with a few cowboys and gods and you’ll almost capture the essence. Falling Through the Weaving has something for every romance reader.

Shelta is a relatable character put in an extraordinary life situation. Talon keeps the mystery of Shelta’s teleportations going until the very end. The tension eats at you, making you have to turn the page to see what Shelta will have to survive next. She is forgiving, full of love, a talented musician, and not afraid to wield a sword or live each day to the fullest. She accepts the challenge of being thrown through life at a whim and never lets it deter her from living in the present. It is inspiring to watch Shelta fight her way through an unpredictable journey in search of family, love, stability, and dragons.

This romance is like nothing I have ever read. The concept of the soul across dimensions and timelines in Falling Through the Weaving is magnificent and shows just how powerful love is—that it can transcend the human spirit.

I’ve had the luck and pleasure of reading book 2. If you read Falling Through the Weaving and enjoy it, you’re going to love Dragons in the Weaving. You can see all the World Tree Chronicles here: My Books – Leia Talon Books

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