Our Purpose

LikIMG_1072e many, I have struggled with discovering my purpose in life, what I can give this world, and what I will find in it for myself.

I discovered a simple, generic answer:

Humans have a unique gift, and every single person is capable.

It is to generate things from nothing. To design, dream, compose, create, forge, imagine, invent…

  1. Creating something from nothing is what makes us unique

Just look into the Industrial  Revolution for a concentrated version of our  creative history.

And for those that don’t think they’re “creative,” you have emotions that function as motivators, like Love. Those feelings are a force amongst us, forged with invincible steel. It’s fuel that can make us change bad habits to better ourselves and our neighbors, donate organs to those in need, run through flames to rescue others, and in some cases have the strength to move cars or concrete.

Our ideas may not always physically manifest, but our effects are real. From a smile on another’s face to engineering smart phone platforms, there are creative minds in each one of us. And we are so versatile as a human race.

We are amazing.

That means you too.

♥ Elysia

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