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A Christmas in Montana (Book 1) on Amazon

Nembers on ice reworkew Adult Holiday Romance
Heat Level: 3

Orion McNalley has a heart the size of Texas—and a temper to match.
Christmas is quickly approaching. Orion’s sleepy Montana town is bustling with returning family, vacationing students, and several unexpected visitors: a friend on the rebound, Orion’s volatile ex, and a handsome silver-eyed stranger.

Years in service and living alone have made Matt Jefferson one callous man. When a surprise letter arrives from his mother, it leads him deep into a snowy world of holiday magic and Irish fire that threaten to crack his shell.

Will the spirit of the season bring them together?
Or will the secrets they hold inside keep them apart?

Extended synopsis:

Orion knows the dire consequences of pushing the body’s limits all-too-well. The daughter of a fitness legend and social butterfly, Orion lives in her father’s withering shadow, carrying the weight of a secretly broken man on her shoulders. Unable to leave her father’s side to pursue a life for herself, she remains isolated in the mountains of her Montana hometown. When her vacation plans crumble and the streets fill with others’ Christmas cheer, she’s surprised with a visit from her suddenly-infatuated best friend and the unwelcome appearance of her ex.

But, it’s the pair of brooding, silver eyes on an equally intimidating stranger that makes every breath truly bittersweet, tempting her to bend the rules that have kept her broken heart safe.

It’s been a long time since Matt felt a connection to anyone. Will Orion find the trust she’s looking for and expose him to her darkest secret in time to save them both? Or, will Matt’s past catch up with him before she has the chance?

Filled with holiday humor, tempers, sweet romance, and lots of food, Orion and Matt rediscover what it means to have hope, faith, love, joy, and a belief in something greater than themselves.

Some language and violence.

Text Copyright © 2017 Elysia Lumen Strife
Editor: Jeni Chappelle
Cover: Amy Harwell
All Rights Reserved.

Wildfire, Book 2, publishes July 18th! Available for Pre-order on Amazon!

Orion’s fighting back, but at what cost?

As Matt and Orion’s love grows, so does the trouble brewing in their little Montana town. Orion’s insufferable ex has left, but not without one final warning: a bullet stashed in her coat pocket, stamped with a B.

Matt, her new interest, says he’ll protect her. But Matt doesn’t know what Boone is capable of. With Orion’s summer fire season approaching and Matt headed back to the city on an emergency call, Orion, alone, must face a past that doesn’t want to stay where it belongs.

While trapped as a pawn in a black market scheme, Orion uncovers the reason for the recent violent disturbances of her peaceful home in the mountains. Orion will do anything to see justice served and peace preserved. She hopes Matt can forgive her for the choices she makes.

Can Orion save Christmas from those who wish to destroy everything the season stands for?
And will Matt be able to break free of his old ways and have faith in love again?

Holiday, Romantic Suspense

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Books in progress:

The Kiss That Saved Christmas

Claire’s husband passed away two years ago this Christmas, leaving her alone and in charge of a beautiful and overwhelming cabin venue in the Montana mountains. She’s low on cash, the truck won’t start, and fewer and fewer people are calling in event requests. With one last wedding scheduled for the year, Claire is desperate to make a good impression and needs the property in top shape. Every assistant has been horribly problematic and disappointing in the past, so Claire breaks her rule and hires a man. Zach is prior service, down on his luck, and shamed by the town for the actions of his youth.

Can they come together in time to make the event a success? Or will her rules and his past get in the way of love?

Publishing November 23, 2020

Available for Pre-order on Amazon



Hibiscus Christmas, Book 3 of Embers on Ice.

At the height of the holiday season, Matt has one extra special, and secret, gift for Orion. But what should be a delightful surprise takes an unpredictable turn when long-lost family reappears with their own derisive agendas. Can Matt and Orion keep their fledgling love safe from the tides of a family storm?

Coming 2021.





A Short Story… Publishing by June 19th
Emery just survived another breakup and already her mother, sister, and friends are pushing her to find a new man. Holidays fill the streets of her small mountain hometown with shopping visitors and vacationing families. A stranger at the town coffee shop catches her eye, but she can’t stay and chat. The holiday festival is tomorrow, and she has to bake cookies to sell as a fundraiser for the food bank.

Rumor spreads that their town’s iconic sawmill has been bought up by someone from the city. The official announcement will be made at the festival. No one in town wanted the property to sell, especially not Emery. It’s the last standing memory she has of her father.

Can Emery save the mill and find love?

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