Embers on Ice

New Adult Holiday RomanceEmbers on Ice CoverWATERMARK

93,000 words (approximate), Heat Level: Just Sugar, Level 2

Deep in the snowy Montana mountains sits a small town girl with a heart the size of Texas, a heart that doesn’t always keep rhythm. Christmas is quickly approaching, the sleepy town bustling with returning family, vacationing strangers, and one particular silver-eyed young man that threatens Orion’s ‘no-dating’ policy. When her best friend arrives home from the city begging her to go back with him, Orion finds herself caught between two men and what’s best for her disabled father, leaving her liable to end up 6 feet under.

Text Copyright © 2017 Elysia Lumen Strife
Editor: Jeni Chappelle
Cover: Amy Harwell
All Rights Reserved.