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Author Interview: Tracy Huff, Self-help/ Personal Development

Hi! I’m Tracy Huff, author of Self-Help/Personal Development. My recent book is “How To Punch Failure in The Face.”

From Planning to Published

When did you start writing and why?

Author:      I have always done some writing internally for my students, my blog, etc. I also wrote a book for my parents that I have not published (yet).  I wanted to expand my impact to help women and business owners who would not come in my martial arts school to let me help them. As I started promoting my coaching program I was confused and a little angry. I wrote my book because I realized that people did not understand exactly what I do as a martial arts instructor. They had put me in a box of “just teaching punches and kicks”, when we work on the whole person. My book is the process I use in my martial arts school to develop our students from white belts to black belt which includes mindset, positive attitude, having personal standards, taking action, celebrating wins and so much more!

How long did it take you to finish your first book?

Author:   I wrote it in about 2.5 months. I started mid August and published in November.   

If you’ve published, how long did your first book take?

Author:      I self-published using Amazon, so the process was simple and pretty self-explanatory. Once I had the edited copy in the correct format I uploaded it to the KDP platform and “Poof!” I was on Amazon.

How did you determine your target audience?

Author:      I based it on my experiences as a business owner raising  a family. I wanted to help all of those women just like me.


What is your launch plan for your works?

Author:      I write for my blog which is on and my podcast “How To Punch Failure in The Face”

How do you get reviews for your books?

Author:      I give my books to all of the families that train with me at my school, my referral partners, and my network of women. 

How do you promote your content?

Author:       I write for my blog which is on and my podcast “How To Punch Failure in The Face”. I am also on Spotify and the Wisdom app.

What do you think is the most critical marketing component or tactic for becoming successful?

Author:     Being true and authentic. Your message will resonate with the people you want to serve.  

How do you define success as an author?

Author:      Helping at least one person

About Your Work

What type of content do you write and why? Fiction Novels? Poems? Songs? Screenplays? Short Stories? Epic? 

Author:      I write in the personal development realm. I struggled for so long and spend way too much money to find what I needed to manage my family, my relationship with my husband, my business, and friends. I also am willing to share my mistakes and lessons learned so others don’t have to learn the hard way.

What is your author brand (genre, mood, image, theme, message, etc)? How did you decide on it?

Author:      I am a martial artist because I love how being one continues to push me to grow and face challenges and things that scare me. As I started to promote my coaching program, I realized that adults do not get an opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves in a safe environment and that is what I provide.

How many works have you published? 

Author:     One for now.     

Name some common elements in your writing: villains, magic, red-herring twists, the unfortunate ensign, mysterious phenomena, asyndeton, sentence fragments etc.

Author:      The common element in my writing is based on our mantra: “Be Exceptional, Be Amazing, Be You (BE BABY!).

What was your first goal when you started your journey to becoming an author? Has that changed?

Author:     To help as many woman, business owners, and teams as I can know they have value and gifts. To help them know that the world needs them to be used. They can make a difference. No, that has not changed. 

Do you have other supporting services like a podcast, blog, webinars, courses, video channel?

Author:      Yes, I have my blog on, my podcast on & spotify “How To Punch Failure in The Face”, my 4 week confidence course “Ignite Your Inner Spark” and my 12 week course, “How To Punch Failure in The Face”, and my youtube channel, FMAAFayetteville.

What do you want your readers to get out of your works? 

Author:      Inspired and empowered to go confidently into the world being the person God made them to be. To be free from judgement and other people’s expectations and to know they are valued and loved.

What part of the author process are you working on or studying most now?

Author:  Writing versions of my book for different markets.    

What has been your favorite part of the writing and querying or publishing process?

Author:      Knowing that I am following my purpose. I am leading by example and doing what scares me so others will do the same.

Do you recommend any programs, courses, or websites?

Author:     I recommend using the Fletcher Method to help you clarify your message and understand who your market is, what their needs are, and how to reach them. 

Which authors write similar books to yours? How did you find them?

Author:      I am such a big reader–my mentor Chris Casamassa & Shelly Toland inspired and encouraged me to write. 

Have you always read in the genre you wanted to write in? Do you think that’s made it easier or harder to create new stories?

Author:      No, I just wanted to help as many people as I could and delivered the message the way that I teach it.

What is your writing process, from idea to polished work? Pantster? Plotter? How long does that typically take you?

Author:      I use the templates from the Fletcher Method to outline my chapters, determine my lead magnets, and simplify my message.    

Do you sprint-write like a starving cheetah, or are you a totally chill turtle writer? Somewhere in between?

Author:      Somewhere in between depending on the deadline I give myself.


What has been the hardest thing to overcome on your journey to authorship?

Author:     Being willing to be vulnerable. 

How has the writing and querying or publishing process affected you emotionally? Do you have any tips for budding writers?

Author:      A rollercoaster of emotions–scared, honored, proud, nervous, and vulnerable.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for those who want to go the final step and become authors?

Author:      Trust yourself–if you feel you have a message to give the world, you do. Do not let other people and their opinions stop you from helping people and standing in your purpose.

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Author:      I would not have waited so long to do it.

Are you a driven & self-advocating author, a gun-shy promoter, or a total marketing procrastinator?

Author:      Sometimes a driven & self-advocating author and sometimes a gun-shy promoter. I still run my martial arts school and am involved in several networking groups.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Author:     I keep my eye on the people that I help, that need to know that they have someone in their corner, and knowing by doing that I am fulfilling my purpose. 

How do you combat writer’s block?

Author:      Just write–another lesson from being a martial artist. Just keep practicing and one day it will be easier and look better. You must persevere and not give into the negative voices that will come up in your head.  

How did your family and friends react to your writing? Was it what you expected from them?

Author:      Surprised when the author copy showed up in the mail.    

Fun Stuff 

Where do you write your stories? A tiny office? A loft? The kitchen table? In the bushes while you secretly people-watch like a total creeper? Or a warm café with mocha in hand and feet up on an ottoman?

Author:      Any place where I can concentrate–outside, in my office, or late at night when everyone is asleep.

What book are you reading at the moment?

Author:      I am reading Clockwork by Michael Macholwicz, Financial Revolutions by Gary Kesee, and Never Doubt by Jesse Duplantis. 

How do you try to “break the mold” and be unique? 

Author:      I overshare.

What have you learned about yourself from the writing and/or authorship process?

Author:      I had more to say than I thought and as I was writing I shared things that I never thought I would.

What is your favorite writing snack and drink?

Author:      Coffee and chewing gum   

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Author:      When I was training to take my 1st degree black belt test I was completely freaking out. My friend looked at me and asked, “Why are you freaking out? You just have to do it (the test) the best you can do it that day.”  This is the beginning of my “Done is better than perfect” mindset. This allowed me to give myself some space to make mistakes and time to make techniques better.

How can readers follow you and learn more about your books? 

Author Website: 

Social Media : TikTok: confidencecoachninja, Facebook, Youtube: FMAAFayetteville

Book Sales Pages:, Signed Copy:

Other: Podcast Anchor and Spotify: How To Punch Failure in The Face, The Wisdom App: How To Punch Failure in The Face